Matthew Holewinski

3D computer visualization

Land sailer

Webinar description:

Watch a design exploration of a stylish high speed land sailer using primarily nurbs modeling.

You will experience:

  • Sketching – See how bonzai3d let’s you quickly layout and explore your conceptual design ideas with 2D and 3D sketching.
  • Sketch to Modeling – Learn how easy it is to transform your sketches into true 3D solid or surface models.
  • Sculpting – Watch how a detailed object can be created starting with just a solid cube.
  • Sleek surfaces – Witness the ease of creating, editing, and manipulating stylish 3D forms commonly used in industrial and product design.
  • Visualization – Observe how a variety of techniques can be used to illustrate your design intent using textures, dimensions, section views, transparent rendering, and realistic rendering.

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