Matthew Holewinski

3D computer visualization

2D to 3D

Webinar description:

Learn how easy it is to build 3D models from 2D drawings.

You will experience:

  • Tips on how to import 2D data from other programs.
  • Shortcuts to quickly extrude walls from a 2D floor plan.
  • Numerous techniques for adding door and window openings into your walls.
  • The power and flexibility of Window and Door Components.
  • Helpful hints for placing 2D and 3D entourage components in your scene.
  • Techniques for creating and manipulating 3D parametric stairs while conforming to a 2D plan.
  • How to easily generate and customize a 3D roof from a 2D plan using the Roof tool.
  • And many other useful tips and tricks within bonzai3d.

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